Free Crochet Pattern

Jellyfish Mobile

Yarn and Hook Size

Crochet Hook 4,0 mm (US 6)
Yarn Size 3 DK (100g for 3 jellyfishes)
35 pcs Glass Beads

Finished Size

depends on the yarn and hook size you choose

Abbreviations (US terms)

sc = single crochet
inc = increase (2 sc into the same stitch)
dec = decrease (sc together 2 stitches)
slst = slip stitch
st(s) = stitch(es)
rnd(s) = round(s)
[...] ...x = repeat instructions in brackets as a sequence ...x times
(...) = number of stitches made in the current rnd


You don't have to close the rounds with a slst, instead work the body in a spiral. Start with a magic loop. Leave a long yarn tail at the beginning so that you can hang the jellyfish when it's finished.

01: sc 6 into the magic loop (6)
02: [inc] 6x (12)
03: [sc 1, inc] 6x (18)
04: [sc 2, inc] 6x (24)
05: [sc 3, inc] 6x (30)
06: [sc 4, inc] 6x (36)
07: [sc 5, inc] 6x (42)
08.-11.: (4 rnds) sc 42
12: [dec, sc 5] 6x (36)
13: slst 36

Beaded Threads

You have to crochet 3 beaded chains in total. One chain with 15 beads and further two chains holding 10 beads. Before you start to chrochet, you have to thread the corresponding quantity of beads on the yarn.

Chain with 10 beads:
[ch 1 with a bead, ch 2 without a bead] 10x, ch 8, cut the yarn

Chain with 15 beads:
[ch 1 with a bead, ch 1 without a bead] 15x, ch 12, cut the yarn


Due to the one-sided increases the tentacle will twist as you go. You have to crochet 2 tentacles in different sizes.

1st tentacle
Start with a foundation chain out
of 31 ch. Insert hook into the 2nd stitch from hook, inc in that stitch and into the next 14 sts along the chain. Repeat the following sequence until the end of the chain: [sc 1, inc in next st]

2nd tentacle
Start with a foundation chain out of 36 ch, then follow the instructions of the first tentacle.


Inside the body, sew the beaded chains and the tentacles in the middle of the cap. Draw the remaining thread from the beginning through the tip of jellyfish's cap towards outside.

Knot your jellyfish on a piece of driftwood, a mobile or a lamp. If you want the jellyfish to float, use a clear nylon thread like fishing line to hang.


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