A little story about a flower and a bumble bee

A little story about a flower and a bumble bee

Once upon a time in Lalylaland, everyone was impatiently waiting for summer. But summer never came and finally the inhabitants of Lalylaland were fed up with the eternal gray cold and constant rain. It was time for Plan Bee!

For a long time, the inhabitants of Lalylaland had known the legend of a magical meadow where flowers grow whose golden pollen grants wishes. But only a brave soul with the sun in its heart is able to find the meadow. And so the inhabitants thought about who they should send out to find these magical flowers, and in the end they chose the smallest one with the biggest heart - the bumblebee.

Not only was she an expert on flowers of all kinds, thanks to her thick fuzzy fur she could even fly far in very low temperatures. Not even her busy sister, the honey bee, could do this.

The bumblebee flew tirelessly, searching, crossing raging rivers, high mountains and endless deserts and then finally, deep in the heart of Lalylaland, she found the legendary magical flower meadow!

Deeply exhausted, she settled down on a summer sky-blue flower, dived deep into the blossom and drank thirstily from the sweet nectar while the golden magical pollen clung to her fuzzy fur. With a relieved laugh and a pure heart, she wished that summer would finally come to Lalylaland. Then she fell asleep on the spot from exhaustion with only her chubby bum sticking out of the calyx of the magic flower.

The very next day, the bumblebee set off making her way home. Once again, she flew over rivers, mountains, fields and deserts, buzzing and spreading the magical golden pollen from her fur all over Lalylaland. And wherever it fell glistening to the ground, it was finally summer.


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