Amigurumi maker and guardian of an epic treasure trove of yarn. Sometimes frogges a whole amigurumi, because there is a tiny mistake in round 2 (which would never anyone else would notice but her).

MischaCustomer Support / Lalylala-Wiki

The grandmaster of crochet theory, lalylala wiki and professional problem solver. He knows everything about your order, crochet patterns, sourdough and everything science.

SylviaCommission / Customer Support

No one else puts together crochet kits with so much love and care. Sylvie is the one who always keeps track (and her nerves). She also saves our day with homemade cake.


The MacGyver of Lalylaland. Given a hairpin, Lego bricks and an old calculator, he invents a yarn-winding rocket. In addition, he is a professional pirate hunter (no joke!).

LennardToy Tester

The most important team member. Elementary school student by day, professional toy tester by night.

A cosy crochet shop and how the amigurumi journey began

Hello, my name is Lydia.

It's no surprise that I'm an avid perpetual crocheter, as well as a notorious yarn buyer and snail shell collector (just a few of my many obsessions). I'm also the leader of the Lalylala amigurumi tribe, and one of my most impressive skills is reading in books while walking.

My biggest inspiration is my son, who is also our most critical toy and story tester. He always brings me back to the magic that is in the smallest everyday things. I am also lucky duck to have a life partner by my side who is not only my most patient supporter, but also an expert in the art of theoretical crochet. We are a family business, in the truest sense of the word.

The common thread in life

It is really unlikely to find me without a survival bag full of yarn and crochet hooks. Crochet was taught to me by my great-grandmother when I was a kid. After a teenage interest-induced needlecraft hiatus, I picked up the thread later again with the same childlike enthusiasm to balance out my mainly digital work as a freelance graphic designer at the time. Crochet became my short vacation from my desk job.

When I later became an aunt, it was quite clear that I wanted to give my little niece a personal, unique and above all handmade gift for her birth - a little friend for life, a faithful companion. I drew some sketches and after several kilometers of rubbed yarn my first amigurumi finally looked like it should: a hooded bear, minimalistic, with long arms to dangle and cuddle.

Moving to Lalylaland

After the first one the ideas for more amigurumi and other crochet toys bubbled up. The feedback on my crochet toys was so amazing that I thought it was worth giving it a try.

I wrote the instructions, diligently took millions of photos, and uploaded the first crochet pattern to my previously unused Etsy store.

And at one point, I actually had my very first sale! Someone (besides me and my family and friends) liked that I crocheted! Unbelievable! I did a happy dance around the office (to the general amusement of my colleagues, who thought I had now gone completely insane).

A little later, I quit my job as a graphic designer and moved to Lalylaland full time. I've made a lot of friends here. Most are adorably crazy with a penchant for outlandish animal costumes. I like them!

If you are in the neighborhood, come by for a cup of tea and a chat about the most beautiful hobby in the world!

♥ Lydia

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