New Yarn City Tales - Chapter 2 : Holes

New Yarn City Tales - Chapter 2 : Holes

The Tales of New Yarn City : Chapter 2 : Holes

We don’t know for sure whether Mortimer's secret pet was responsible for his perforated clothes, or if it's just natural for boys this age to wear jeans and socks full of holes.

However, when Mortimer’s mother searched his room and found the moth, she didn't hesitate. Loudly screaming she chased the moth out of the house. The same day she made sure that every wall in the house was wallpapered with moth paper from her husband's factory. ⁠The shock hit Mortimer hard! Deeply disappointed, sad and angry, Mortimer ran away from home.

The lonely boy roamed the cold night for many hours. His feet carried him aimlessly through darker and darker streets until he found himself in a place he knew well. He was stranded in front of the craft shop where he had met his beloved daydream moth years ago.

Mortimer was magically attracted to the warm light that fell through the shop windows. Here he was and there was the shelter that he now longed for. Mortimer cracked the lock and entered the shop through the back door.

As in his childhood, he hid in the soft security of the familiar wool closet, made itself small and fell asleep.