DIY Walnut Advent Calendar treasuring "Merry Christmas" in 24 Languages

DIY Walnut Advent Calendar treasuring "Merry Christmas" in 24 Languages

A few years ago I establishing a new family tradition. Each Christmas we craft another DIY Advent Calender as a gift for friends and family. And this season we made a lovely natural DIY advent form walnuts. Each nut is keeping the phrase "Merry Christmas" in 24 different languages.

This lovely Christmas countdown not only adds a touch of natural beauty and magic to your holiday decor, but it also provides an opportunity to learn festive greetings from around the world. From "Feliz Navidad" to "Joyeux Noël," it expands your linguistic horizons while savoring the anticipation of Christmas.

So if you are looking for a unique and charming way to count down the days until Christmas, look no further than crafting your very own walnut advent calendar with me. Here we go!

What you need:

  • 24 walnuts (get some more as a reserve!)
  • 24 Christmas messages, or small (sweet) treats
  • nut cracker
  • white glue, or wood glue
  • scissors
  • rubber bands
  • golden (acrylic) paint
  • paint brush
  • a jar, or cotton bag to store the nuts

Craft instructions

Step 1:
Carefully crack 24 walnuts open, so that you have two nut halves that you can reassamble. Remove the nut inside and keep the shells. Use a rubber band to hold together the nut halves belonging together.

Step 2:
Prepare 24 little messages, or treats to insert into the walnut shells. You can use my printable PDF featuring 24 translations of "Merry Christmas!" in different languages, or get inspired with the following ideas on what else to treasure inside the nuts:

  • write 24 lovely personal handwritten messages
  • collect 24 mindfulness notes
  • let your kids doodle 24 Christmas themed drawings
  • find 24 Christmas quotes
  • put a small sweet treat inside (e.g. chocolate, or jelly beans)
  • hide 24 little charms or jewelry
  • print out my "Merry Christmas" in 24 languages template

Step 3:
Cut out the paper straps with the messages. These straps should be an approx. size 1 x 10 cm / 0,4 x 4 inch). Fold them so that the number is still visible.

Step 4:
Chose one nut and paint it golden. This special one is for Christmas eve and will hold the very last message number 24.

Step 5:
Put the folded paper note into one half of the nut shell. The part with the number is remaining outside the shell. Coat the edge of the nut half with glue and press the other half onto the coated shell, to to put the nut back together again.

Step 5:
Wrap a rubber band around the nut to hold the halves in position. Put aside and let the glue dry. Repeat for all 24 nuts.

Step 6:
Once dry, remove the rubber bands and display your walnut advent calendar in a lovely year, or store the nuts in a cotton bag.

Whether you're crafting this walnut advent calendar for yourself or as a thoughtful gift, it's sure to bring smiles and excitement throughout the holiday season. So grab those walnuts, get cracking, and

Let the countdown to Christmas begin!