Free Crochet Patterns

Crochet fun for free! These quick and easy crochet projects don't cost you a dime but just your time and attention.

Christmas Freebie 2023

Mini Pinecones Crochet Pattern

Who knew crocheted mini pinecones could be so versatile? From tree ornaments to wreath accents, table centerpieces to quirky earrings or keyring charns, these little wonders are pine-cone-tastic for all your fall decorating and Christmas needs!

Snow Flake Chistmas Ornament

Let these crochet snowflake ornaments sprinkle a touch of handmade magic onto your Christmas tree and gifts. Each stitch is like a winter's whisper, creating a timeless crochet treasure that does not melt but can be kept to cheer you up every holiday season.

Mistletoe Chistmas Ornament

Steal a kiss from your crush wherever you go! A mistletoe made out of yarn is perfect to carry in your pocket, ready to be used to embrace the joy and love of the season (and your favorite persons).

Rice Seed Blanket

Daruma Talisman

Stitched with love and imbued with wishes, these crocheted daruma talismans are here to bring you luck and inspire your dreams. They'll be your faithful companions on the journey towards achieving your goals.

Owl Post Letter

Use this magic formula to turn your Barn Owl Olivia into a Hogwarts Post Owl !

Mini Cat Head Patch

Pika Pikachu

Alola pika lovers! Are you ready to become a real poket monster trainer? Great! So, grab your hook and let's catch some stitches to make your very own Pokemonster friend!

Easter Bunny Eggs

Mini Spring Leaves

Rita the Rabbit

Free pattern addition to turn your lalylala amigurumi into a cute bunny with cross stitch rose on the belly.

Jellyfish Mobile

Cupcake Pincushion

More free patterns to be added soon:

Strawberry Erna
Blackberry Bert
Cathedral Blanket
Corn Rows Blanket