New Yarn City Tales - Chapter 1 : Family Traditions⁠

New Yarn City Tales - Chapter 1 : Family Traditions⁠

The Tales of New Yarn City : Chapter 1 : Family Traditions⁠

Mortimer Nocturne comes from a long dynasty of venerable vermin exterminators. His family tree goes far back to the famous Rat-Catcher of Hamelin. Generations of proud Nocturns have dedicated their lives to the glorious battle against fleas, bed bugs and cockroaches.⁠

In search of new challenges, Mortimer's great-grandfather left the family estate and boarded an ocean liner to America. Aboard, He earned a good reputation by saving the ladies from a dreadful mouse and setting up a world record for caught water fleas.⁠

Arrived in the New World and in modern times, his son – Mortimer's grandfather – founded an emerging pest control company. In the spirit of the family tradition Mortimer's father became a passionate moth hunter and found his calling in his profession. He often took his son on the hunt – little Mortimer thought it was terrible. ⁠

While his father indulged in the cruel moth hunt in a local yarn shop, little Mortimer was hiding in a wool closet in the back room, pretending he was looking for moth's in there. In the cozy darkness of the wool cabinet he found comfort and solace. ⁠

One day Mortimer actually found a moth in the closet! The Golden Daydream Moth – a very rare species. If his father would detect her, she surely would become another hunting trophy in his father's room. Mortimer had to save the moth! Carefully he hid her under his knit vest, carried her home and gave her a new home in the dark safety of his wardrobe.⁠

It went well for years, but one day Mortimer's mother grew suspicious because of the increasing number of holes in her son’s clothes.