How to paint cute Ghost Pumpkins for Halloween - easy like pumpkin pie!

How to paint cute Ghost Pumpkins for Halloween - easy like pumpkin pie!

Looking for a spooktacular Halloween craft that's so creepy cute, it's boo-tiful? Gather your little goblins and get ready to paint some adorable little ghosts on pumpkins. It's easy like pumpkin pie!

Step 1: Find the perfect pumpkin. White pumkins are the bestas we're going for ghostly perfection here.

Step 2: Set up your painting station. Lay down some newspaper or plastic to avoid any accidental "haunting" of your furniture.

Step 3: Get your water color paints ready. Choose black as your main color. But feel free to add some colorful accents if you want to give your ghosties a funky twist!

Step 4: Start painting those pumpkins! Encourage your kids to let their creativity fly like a bat in the night sky.

Step 5: Don't forget the eyes and mouths! Use black markers to give those little spirits some personality. Big eyes, small eyes, googly eyes - the choice is yours! Make your ghosts smile, frown, or even wink - after all, it's Halloween!

Step 6: Let the pumpkins dry and admire your spooky masterpiece. These friendly ghosts will surely bring smiles instead of screams to anyone who sees them.

Bonus tip: If you want to take it up a notch, add some glow-in-the-dark paint for an extra eerie effect!

Remember, this craft is all about having fun and embracing the Halloween spirit. So grab those paintbrushes and let your imagination run wild with these cute little ghostly pumpkins.

Happy haunting and crafting!