New Yarn City Tales - Chapter 3 : Treasures found in closets

New Yarn City Tales - Chapter 3 : Treasures found in closets

The Tales of New Yarn City : Chapter 3 : Treasures found in closets

"Today is a good day for a good day“, Hailey O’Kitty thought, when the warm morning sun fell through the attic window and tickled the tip of her nose. She stretched, yawned contentedly, and stood up.

Choosing comfy clothes, brushing teeth, feeding the cats, going down to Grandma's shop, brewing lavender tea followed by the best part of the day: diving for treasures in the dustiest corners of Grandma's age-old yarn store – a routine that Hailey has been using since she has moved to the big city to live at Grandsma’s house.

Just a few months ago, Hailey was beyond bored of living in her parents' tidy house in the suburbs – with all the boring adults and their even more boring jobs, their cars which were too big and too clean, with their lawnmowers, carefully trimmed hedges and creepy garden gnomes (which Hailey kidnapped from time to time to secretly rearrange them).

Hailey’s grandma, on the other hand,  lived in one of the most colorful areas of New Yarn City. She shared the flat above her own handicraft shop with seven age-old cats. And boredom never came here! Many times Hailey had to rescue grandma's old cats from very awkward situations: She picked them from trees, from gutters, helped them when they got stuck in drain pipes or tangled in wool balls (which was the most common incident). In no time Hailey became somewhat like a hero for the city's cat lovers.

But now finally down to the yarn store! Where, in the half-darkness of countless cupboards and boxes the most wonderful surprises were patiently waiting for discovery. Hailey opened a closet and found ... a boy! Oh, well that's a surprise, indeed!