This is Vlad

Back in the day when Vlad was a very young bat, he was looking for the meaning of life when another bat crossed his path ... Batman! Soon Vlad became Batman’s sidekick (of course long before Robin entered the scene).

But then Vlad found out that Batman just wore a costume and couldn’t even fly properly! What a bitter disappointment! So he moved on, and with the gathered experience from countless dangerous adventures, he started his career in the movie business as the stunt double for the legendary Bela Lugosi.

Some years and one tooth-surgery later (for a correction of some peculiar misaligned teeth), he actually became a well known movie star! You've probably seen him in "Nosferatu“, "The fearless Vampire Killers", or "Dracula“. After a while, he felt pretty annoyed about the completely false representation of vampires in horror movies.

Sure, vampires avoid garlic – but only because they want to save their environment from bad garlic breath! And the only reason why Vlad doesn’t sunbathe is to preserve his "noble pallor“. He also never really understood why crosses would be scary.

He felt increasingly bored and after he successfully shocked the 1000th screaming maiden in another horror movie, he packed in the job and moved to the countryside to write books about werewolves.