Spooky Season in Lalylaland

Halloween is already over … again. But not for us and not yet! Because we lost your bloody mosquito dressed housefly buddy Buzz! So we quickly organized a search through the darkest corners of the house.

Doing so, we found many lost socks, old sweets and rusty crochet hooks and unfortunately we also managed to get caught up in an artfully crafted giant spider net! In the center of this amazing piece of crochet there was a purple spider and right behind her back we glimpsed Buzz ... comfortably rocking on a thread with a cup of tea on his knees and chewing biscuits!

Well, I admit, creatures with an above-average number of hands (or legs) gave me the creeps, but this spider is just adorable! And while the music box inside her belly sings the prologue theme of the Harry Potter movies, Agatha slowly pulls up on her own music box cord to get us some cookies and a cup of tea. It seems as if we were caught in someone’s meshes!