Once upon a Time in Lalylaland …

It was Halloween Night in Lalylaland and Hansel and Gretel decided to have the best trick-or-treating adventure ever. Armed with their candy bags they set off deep into the spooky forest.

Deep in the woods, they came across a tiny cottage made entirely of sweet gingerbread and icing. The extravagant home belonged to a witch named Winifred, who had built it for one purpose only: to attract children!

Now, when the kids started nibbling on the roof and licking the frosting, the witch jumped out of the house and wanted to eat them.

But the children were not only quick on their feet, but also quick as lightning in their minds. After a brief chase around the house (the witch wasn’t particularly athletic and quickly got out of breath), the children convinced the witch that eating children was a tradition that was already very much out of fashion and that they could offer her something much better. The old-fashioned witch agreed to the bet, because secretly she had never liked this witch tradition very much.

Without further ado, Hansel nibbled a human-shaped piece of gingerbread from the back of the house and handed it to the witch. The witch carefully bit into the head of the gingerbread man, made big eyes and was quite excited that her building material tasted so good!

From then on, the witch and the children ran a thriving little garden café in the Enchanted Forest. Far beyond the borders of Lalylaland they became known as the inventors of the Gingerbread Man.

The back door of the witch’s cottage, created by Hansel, became a tourist attraction. And from then on, witches and children lived together in friendship, exchanging gingerbread recipes and making crumbs merrily ever after.