Spooktacular Halloween in Lalylaland

It’s a gloomy full moon night. A hook-nosed wicked witch on a wonky broom flies over a haunted house. One can make out two eerie silhouettes behind a dusty, spiderwebbed tower window.

Diego the skull (aka « The Death », who is also able to bring dead things to life now, thanks to a weekend update training course) triumphantly raises his scythe, when zombie Brian (masterminded brain behind a demonized good plan) sews in the last remaining yarn ends. Suddenly a dazzling flash cuts through the silent darkness and brings a scrappy monster to life, made from old yarn leftovers and stuffed with ancient rags.

Frank is alive! ... And completes our set of 3 walking dead creatures at exact the same moment, when a one-eyed black cat crosses the deserted street from left to right, passes an old ladder and disappears through the basement window.