Springtime in Lalylaland

It was a very cold and windy day, when bluetit TITUS circled over Lalyland. The winter was long and he felt terribly lonely when he unexpectedly discovered a fresh splash of blue among all the gray and white far down on the ground. Just as blue as himself. Finally! A companion!

Titus fluttered closer excitedly and discovered ... a wonderful blue crocus blossom. He wanted to pick it and when he gently pulled on the blossom, a flower bulb slipped out of the soil. Her name was CARLA and she was the most beautiful creature that Titus had ever seen. In addition to the wonderful shade of blue and the same eye color, Carla and Titus shared quite a few other similarities. They wanted to stay together ever after.

The only thing that was missing was a common home! So they placed an ad in the local newspaper: "Cute couple of blues looking for a pretty little house for common living." And promptly birdhouse BJØRN answered! He took the ad literally and applied as a third roommate.

When we read their ad, we didn't hesitate to offer all of them a new home in the spacious backyard of our lalylala commune.