Christmas in Lalylaland

Here in Lalylaland, Christmas starts immediately the day after Halloween. At noon, all pumpkins turn into Poinsettias. But this year there was a surprise. Poinsettia Persy had a stowaway aboad – Christmas Elf Chris. Only a few people know that poinsettias spend the summer far away in South America, where busy Elf constantly carry them from light to dark, so that they bloom just in time in perfect red splendor for Christmas.

Due to the constant day-night change Chris was so confused that he started suffering from a nasty jet lag and finally missed his flight to the North Pole. He fell asleep in Percy's cup and awakened in astonishment in Lalylaland. Luckily, we have an excellent craft workshop here, where he is useful now until Santa picks him up. He already made a first Christmas miracle for us - the enchanting Christmas Bauble Molly!