Thanksgiving in Lalylaland

„Dress formal“ was written on the invitation. The three friends are excited! Tonight their time has finally come. The Thanksgiving Gala Dinner is taking place and they are the special guests! But before they make their big entrance, there is still a lot to do!⁠

Turkey leg Trudy thinks she looks too pale and her skin seems lifeless somehow. She decides to visit the nearby tanning salon. Fresh and crispy, Trudy will impress everyone tonight! She’s going to look extremely hot and the other guests will find her to be good enough to eat, literally!⁠

Indoor tanning is not for Corby. Dry heat isn’t good for a corn on the cob - white fluffy spots would pop up all over his body and he’d look exploded somehow. No, it would be better to have a nice hot bath, a sea salt peeling and a relaxing butter massage! Dressed in corn silk, he'll look shiny tonight!⁠

Such wellness frills are alien to the down-to-earth guy Gorden. The decorative gourd is feast for the eyes anyway. Just maybe, an extra twist curled on his teasing tendril and then it’s time for dinner!⁠

Bon appétit!