Winter in Lalylaland

A warm welcome to our cool winter friends! We have tracked them deep in Lalylaland's magic forest: pine cone Woody fell from somewhere above us right in front of our feet. He got along well with our autumn fellows Erwin, Peter and Henry right away.

A bit later we met stag Heinz at a manger. First we thought he must be one of Santa Claus' reindeers, but he explained to us that he's a genuine Fallow deer and was never employed at Santa's delivery service. Heinz also joined us with great pleasure, not just because we bribed him with warm milk and homemade Christmas cookies. On our way home it quietly began to snow and the magic forest was covered in a glittering icy layer soon.

A third visitor was waiting for us when we arrived: Sir Simon the snowman had made himself comfortable in our garden to enjoy a cup of delicious five o'clock ice tea. His nose was almost as red as ours when we came back from the frosty forest. Winter is here to stay and so Woody, Heinz and Simon are!