Hoppy Easter in Lalylaland

As soon as that strange creature skipped from our garden, we admired the colorful eggs that it had left us in a small nest underneath the Hazel bush. These eggs looked so weird that we soon started to discuss, what would probably hatch out of them.

Dirk was convinced that these must be Rainbow Dragon eggs (an extremely rare species, which is native only to Lalylaland). But even in the relevant literature we could not find any useful, hint. So we had to practice patience...

Full of curiosity we came together today to watch the first of the three extraordinary creatures hatching from its egg! Crack, crack, crack... and right away there was ... a … chick! Well, it wasn’t the spectacular mythical creature, we had expected. But this little guy was so cute, we immediately took a shine to him. And then, the second egg ... crack .. and there was … a lamb!? Huh! OK, that's quite mystical, indeed!

But before we could even start to discuss about this strange event, the last egg cracked and a tiny Easter Bunny hopped happily on our breakfast table and asked for chocolate.

Well then! Happy Easter!