Across the Seven Seas of Lalylaland

A brave little origami-gurumi paper boat set sail. It's FIETE ready to discover the world and curious to find out the truth about the old fishermen’s stories. And his adventure started right away, when Oleg the giant squid came up from the depth.

He wrapped his giant tentacles around the little boat and drag Fiete under into the deep sea. A swarm of crochet jellyfish crossed and Fiete took advantage of the short distraction to free himself from the tight grip of the giant squid. Completely drenched he escaped to the shore of a tiny but sunny island.

Safe on the beach Fiete pulled his folds back into shape, when he saw someone approaching. The stranger introduced himself as surfboard Keanu. He started telling about the giant monster wave that has brought him here. Since that day he was chilling in a hut on the beach with his only friend, a silent barnacle named 'Sunday', waiting for salvation. They quickly made friends and when Fiete was finally smooth and dry again, he took Keanu and Sunday on board and together they leave the solitary island.

After a few nautical miles, a hauntingly beautiful singing voice was heard. First, Fiete turned as pale as a ghost ship, and then - completely enchanted - he followed the bewitching song. There on the cliff Sirene Mici was waiting for them, luring the brave little boat and his companions to the coast of Lalylaland. And it’s common knowledge, that once you land there, you never want to leave.