Summer in Lalylaland

Aloha! It’s summertime and we enjoy our vacation on a beautiful island named Kawaii, Lalylaland’s surfers paradise!

This is where we met our new friend Pippa the pineapple, who’s running the trendiest cocktail bar right on the beach. She's an excellent bartender and her Piña Colada is famous! Right next door there’s a surf school. The owner, Keanu, teaches the small surfboards and other driftwood how to skillfully ride waves and how to look stunning on the beach. But literally the coolest cat of all beach residents is Smila the ice cream. She came to the island as a dropout, lives in an old freezer and recently started a handmade business of manufacturing ice cubes for Pippa's cocktail bar.

Keep cool and crochet on with the hot lalylala 4 seasons summer pattern set!