Operation Valentine’s Day.

Three super secret special agents are sneaking though the deep flower jungle of Lalylaland. Their special force is Love (of course), their mission is to conquer your heart.

Chocolate Truffle Aimee is an expert in calorie bombs, diet traps, and sweetness overkill. She wears a wild looking pistachio drizzle camouflage and seems to be tough – but under her hard chocolate skin, she has a soft ganache heart.

Rose Flora is the mistress of seduction. But even if you can’t take your eyes off her, she know how to disappear. Who else could hide in a flower bouquet without arousing suspicion? Flora possesses a wide range of sharp prickles but she wouldn’t hurt you – unless you forget to remove a stitch marker.

Gift Box Felix is a specialist of secrets and tactics. Anonymous love letters, home infiltration, surprise egg attacks, smuggling all kind of things – covered in beautiful gift wrapping. There is nothing he wouldn’t do to accomplish his mission. What is he hiding today? Check out the pattern and find it out!