Free Crochet Pattern Addition

Daffodil Doris

This pattern is an add-on to Crocus Carla / Lalylala Seasons - Spring

What is an add-on? An add-on is a little additional pattern to a commercial lalylala pattern. Using the add-on you can modify the original amigurumi or add new parts to turn it into something else. You can't use an add-on without the original pattern that it's related to! Of course you don't necissarily need to use the add-on to modify crocus Carla. You can also decorate your Easter baskets with the early flowers without the flower bulb

Abbreviations (US terms)

blo = into back loop only
ch = chain stitch
chsp = chain space
dc = double
dec = sc decrease (sc 2 stitches together)
FPdc = front post double crochet
FPhdc = front post half double crochet
FPsc = front post single crochet
hdc = half double
inc = sc increase (2 sc into the same stitch)
picot = ch 2, insert hook into 1st ch and slst 1
sc = single crochet
slst = slip stitch
sk = skip a stitch
st(s) = stitch(es)
rnd(s) = round(s)
[...] ...x = repeat instructions in brackets as a sequence ... times
°...° = work all the stitches between ° and ° into the same stitch
(...) = number of stitches after the round

Yarn & Hook Size

Crochet Hook
2.25 mm (US: B/1, UK: 13), or 2.5 mm (US: -, UK: 12)

Sport / Baby Weight Yarn, Size 2 - Fine
100% (mercerized) cotton, 50 g / 125 m (1.76 oz / 137 yd), 10x10 cm (4x4 inch) = 26 sts x 36 rows

e.g. Scheepjes Catona, Yarn and Colors Must Have, or Schachenmayr Catania

Green 205 Kiwi
Pale Yellow 100 Lemon Chiffon
Yellow 280 Lemon
Rich Yellow 208 Yellow Gold


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Selling of finished Toys

The design and pattern are copyright and must not be reproduced for resale! You cannot sell finished toys made from this pattern. For your personal use (non-profit) or for charity purposes you are permitted to make as many items from this pattern as you like.


Make a magic loop from green.

01. sc 4 in a magic loop (4)
02.-08. (7 rnds) sc 4 (4)
09. [inc] 4x (8)
10. [sc 3, inc] 2x (10)
11.-13. (3 rnds) sc 10 (10)

1 slst into next stitch, cut yarn and close rnd invisible. Pull ends to inside the stem.

Flower Cup

Join yellow with a standing dc into the back loop of a stitch at the stem's last rnd. Beginning-ch3 count as 1 dc stitch)

01. into the back loops around the open end of the stem: 9 dc-blo, slst 1 into the 1st dc to close rnd (10)

02. ch 3, [FPdc 1, dc 1] 9x, FPdc 1, slst 1 in to 3rd ch to close rnd (20)

03. ch 3, [sk 1, FPdc 1, dc 1] 9x, FPdc 1, slst 1 into 3rd ch to close rnd (20)

04. ch 2, [sk 1, FPhdc 1, hdc 1] 9x, FPhdc 1, change yarn to rich yellow and close rnd with a slst into the 2nd ch. (20)

05. ch 1, [sk 1, FPsc 1, sc 1] 9x, FPsc 1 (20)

Cut yarn, close rnd invisible into 1st sc and weave in ends inside the flower cup.


Join pale yellow with a standing slst into a front loop of rnd 13.

01. [ch 8, insert hook into 4th ch from hook, sc 5 along the chain, slst 1 into each of the the next 2 front loops along the stem] 4x, ch 8, insert hook into 4th ch from hook and sc 5 along chain, slst 1

02. [sc 1, hdc 1, dc 2, hdc 1, °sc 1 + picot + sc 1° into the chsp at the tip, hdc 1, dc 2, hdc 1, sc 1, slst 1, sk 1] 5x

Cut yarn and close invisible into the next stitch. Weave in ends.


Use pale yellow to crochet a chain of 22 ch, insert hook into 4th ch from hook and slst 19 along the chain.

Cut the yarn and pull the rest through the last stitch completely. Tie together both remaining yarn tails and thread a needle.

Stitch into the tube of the stem all the way down to the bottom and out through the center of the magic loop. Pull on carefully to get the pistil slipped into the stem.


Sew the blossom centered on top of the flower bulb using the
remaining green yarn tail. Finally weave in the remaining yellow tails from the pistil inside the bulb.

Muscari Marta

Snow Drop Selma