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Mini Crochet Leaves

4 Curious Facts about Plants

01. Second Spring

If a tree or bush loses all new leaves after pest infestation or severe weather, it sprouts new leaves in a flash. This second sprouting in a year is called Lammas Growth. The leaves become much smaller. This effect is also used, for example, in bonsai cultivation.

02. Smallest Tree

Everybody knows the Californian Redwoods, the biggest trees in the world. But hardly anyone knows anything about the smallest tree in the world. It lives in the Alps. The Dwarf Willow (salix herbacea) grows just 10 cm tall. Its trunk is usually hidden in the ground or between rocks, so that usually only its crown is visible.

03. Fear of Plants

The fear of plants is called botanophobia. Botanophobics avoid contact with plants of any kind.

04. Moving Plants

The Asian telegraph plant has leaves that flutter constantly, even when it is not windy. The plant got its name because it was once thought that these plants were able to communicate with each other by means of the movements of the leaves.

Let's crochet some leaves!

Yarn and Hook Size

You can use any yarn and hook size that you prefer - bigger hook and bigger yarn makes a larger leaf.

Finished Size

depending on the yarn and hook size you choose

Abbreviations (US terms)

ch = chain stitch
dc = double crochet stitch
hdc = half double crochet stitch
slst = slip stitch
sc = single crochet stitch
tr = triple crochet stitch


Work the following stitches into a magic loop:

sc 2, hdc 2, dc 2, tr 1, ch 3, slst into the 3rd ch from hook,
into the loop again: tr 1, dc 2, hdc 2, sc 2.

Fasten the loop. Cut the yarn and close the round invisibly.


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Selling of finished items

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