Free Crochet Pattern Modification & Mini Pattern

Crookshanks chasing Scabbers - Free Mini Rat Pattern

My dear witches and wizards, draw your magic wands and follow us to another enchanting crochet adventure, that makes every Potterhead's heart beat faster.

Here's what to do to transform the orange tabby cat from our "Purring Cat . Sensory Toy" pattern into your very own Crookshanks musical toy by just using heavier yarn and replacing the insert with a mechanical pull string music box and following the free mini pattern below to make your magical companion chase Scabbers.

It's easy as a switching spell!

This pattern is an add-on to "Purring Cat . Sensory Toy"

What is an add-on? An add-on is a little additional pattern to a commercial lalylala pattern. Using the add-on you can modify the original amigurumi or add new parts to turn it into something else. Sometimes you can't use an add-on without the original pattern that it's related to. But often the add-on pattern can also be used as a stand-alone toy, so is the mini rat pattern.

Shopping List

Before we start, make sure to get all the materials that you will need from our magical crochet store, or just apparate over to our webshop. We've linked the portkey to all the items at the end of the list.


Crochet Hook: 3.5 mm (E/9)
Stitch Markers
Darning Needle
Soft Stuffing (e.g. Polyfiber Fill)

Crookshanks, the Cat:

„Purring Cat . Sensory Toy“ crochet pattern
11 mm Safety Eyes, or Glass Eyes
Music Box Insert, Tune „Hedwig’s Theme“

Yarn: Scheepjes Cahlista
Sand 179 Topaz (approx. 35g)
Cinnamon 383 Ginger Gold (approx. 15-20g)

For the following colors only a very small amount of yarn is needed. You can eighter use Scheepjes Cahlista, or Catona (2 threads held together - 10g balls available in our shop ;)

White 105 Bridal White (whiskers)
Green 513 Apple Granny (color of the eyes)
Black 110 Jet Black (nose)

Scabbers, the Rat:

5 mm Glass Eyes (or black yarn to embroider)

Scheepjes Cahlista, or Catona (2 threads held together):
Gray 172 Light Silver (approx. 5g)
Pink 408 Old Rose (feet)

The Cat

To make Crookshanks, follow the instructions of the Red Tiger Cat (orange tabby) as given in the original pattern „Purring Cat . Sensory Toy“ using heavier yarn (Scheepjes Cahlista) as recommended in the shopping list above. Replace the vibrating toy insert with our „Hedwig’s Theme“ music box insert which is playing the main theme of the Harry Potter movies.

Abbreviations (US terms)

dec = decrease (single crochet 2 sts together)
inc = increase (2 sc into the same stitch)
rnd(s) = round(s)
sc = single crochet stitch
st(s) = stitch(es)
[…] …x = repeat instructions written in brackets as a sequence as often as given after the closing bracket, (example: [sc 1, inc] 3x = sc 1 into the first stitch, increase into the next stitch, repeat working 1 sc and 1 inc into the next stitch 3 times total)
(…) = total number of sts at the end of a rnd

The Mini Rat

The rat is an alternative handle to replace the yarn ball featured in the original Purring Cat pattern.


Make a magic loop (magic ring) from gray, work in a continuous spiral:

01. sc 6 into the ring (6)
02. [inc] 6x (12)
03. [sc 1, inc] 6x (18)
04.-05. (2 rnds) sc 18

If using the rat as an alternative handle for the amigurumi cat, take a short break to attach the pull cord of the music box to the body of the rat:

Pull the end of the pull cord through the center of rnd 01. Keep a length of approx. 5 cm cord between the cat’s face and the rat’s booty.

Make a very large sturdy knot into the rest length of the pull cord, keeping the 5 cm length safe. Push the knot and the remaining tail inside the rat’s body.

Then, finish the body of the rat:

06. sc 2, dec, [sc 4, dec] 3x, sc 2 (15)
07. sc 15
08. [dec, sc 3] 3x (12)
09. sc 12

Stuff the body.

10. sc 1, dec, [sc 2, dec] 3x, sc 1 (9)
11. [dec, sc 1] 3x (6)

Stuff the tip of the nose before cutting the yarn with a very long rest and closing the remaining stitches through the front loops. (You will need the remaining yarn tail to attach the glass eyes and to embroider the ears.)


Because the space inside the rat’s head is too little to fit for the washers of safety eyes, I use glass eyes with wire loops on their back. These kind of toy eyes are meant to be attached once the body is closed and they are perfect to use whenever space inside an amigurumi is very limited.

However, these eyes are not suitable for toys for children under the age of 3, as they can break off and be swallowed. Please embroider the eyes with black yarn if you want to give the toy to a child younger than 3 years.

Attach, or embroider the eyes between the last and the next to last round at the tip of the rat's head. Use the remaining yarn tail from the body to attach the glass eyes.


The ears will be created on top of a stitch between rnds 09 and 10. The distance in between the ears is 2 stitches. Mark the posts of the two stitches you want to create the ears on top of.

Use the long yarn rest remaining from the body to embroider the rat's ears.

Insert the needle into the body coming out next to the fist marked stitch.

Now, insert the needle into the space on the other side of the marked stitch in order to sew around the post of the stitch. Sew around the stitch twice.

Next, run the yarn around the two threads of yarn that you’ve sewn onto the marked stitch. Stitch around the threads 5-6 times. Take care to arrange the threads neatly next to each other.

Once the first ear is finished, run the needle to the space next to the post of the stitch onto which you want to create the second ear. Make another ear following the same instructions.


Use a long pink thread to embroider tiny feet at the bottom side of the rat. For each foot sew around a row 3 times - hind legs around rnd 04 with a distance of 2 stitches between the legs, forefeet around rnd 08 with a distance of 1 stitch between the feet.

If the rat is a stand-alone toy without the cat and your remaining yarn tail from the feet is still long enough, run the yarn through the entire body coming out at the center of rnd 01. The long yarn rest is used as rat tail. Knot the end, so that the single yarn threads won't untie.


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Selling of finished Toys

The design and pattern are copyright and must not be reproduced for resale! You cannot sell finished toys made from this pattern. For your personal use (non-profit) or for charity purposes you are permitted to make as many items from this pattern as you like.