Let's craft a Wall Display for your lalylala Butterflies

Let's craft a Wall Display for your lalylala Butterflies

Do you remember? On Instagram I have shown you the lalylala Butterfly Displays hanging on the wall in my wee little shop.

There was so much enthusiastic feedback about it and many wanted to have them in their life too, which makes me incredibly happy! So here I am with kind of a little craft tutorial kind for everybody, who wants to make a diorama by oneself.

Get ready to take your crocheted mini beasts to a whole new level with DIY diorama frames! These whimsical creations will showcase your delicate crochet work in a magical and enchanting way.

Here's what you need to make your own Butterfly Diorama:

1. Crochet an Insect

The most important part of your diorama is the amigurumi butterfly. You can find 6 different butterflies that live in Lalylaland. Each butterfly is available as a digital pattern or as a crochet kit that includes everything you need to get started right away.

2. DIY Shadow Frame

The frames I used are actually tea bag storage boxes. The separator inside was easy to remove, so that they can be perfectly used as a diorama frame. You can find similar ones online, or in a budget store near you.

3. Attach Frame Hangers

I used vintage frame hangers with nails as I already had them at hand. But you can also choose self-adhesive frame hangers. Make sure that the hanger is attached exactly in the middle so that your frame does not hang crooked later.

4. Set the Butterfly in Place

I've tried everything to keep the butterfly removable: sticky tape, pins, velcro fastener - nothing worked and the butterfly always fell off after a while. So the only way to hold them in position properly is to hot glue the butterflies into the frame.


5. Adding Name Tags

The Scientific Crochet Society of Lalylaland ;) proudly provides you with a printable name tag PDF. Each tag features the English and Latin name of the amigurumi bug. The file not only contains tags for the 6 lalylala butterflies but also for all the other mini beasts habitated in Lalylaland, like beetles, snails and flies, which can also be found in my crochet book "Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies".

DOWNLOAD printable PDF


 Happy making, you busy bugs!