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Hi! How lovely that your way leads you to our little Amiguriverse! - Let me introduce myself quickly: My name is Lydia - I am a crochet-enthusiastic and your local guide through Lalylaland. I know every stitch here like the back of my hand, literally! Because my hands created all the crocheted cuteness you'll meet around here. Of course I'm not alone in this little crochet world: there's also the most wonderful family-like team you can imagine, and a bunch of really extraordinary amigurumi characters populating Lalylaland.


Buzzing Bumble Bee

Time for plan Bee! Get ready to create a buzz with our humming Bumblebee toy! 
Buzzing Bumble Bee
Craft on the Beach

Summer, Sun, Crochet Fun!

Summer, Sun, Crochet Fun!

Crochet Terms Translation Chart

The most epic crochet chart ever written in crochet history - including basic stitches and techniques as well as advanced crochet terms in over 20 languages.
Crochet Terms Translation Chart

Life is a lovely Ball of Yarn.

It has a beginning and an end, it runs along relaxed, mostly it is pleasantly cuddly, durable, colorful and you can never have enough of it. Sometimes life fluffs or it is tangled, then you untie the mess and crochet on. And sometimes you knot loose ends and the n you go on in a completely different color. And in the end, it's your love and time that makes it so precious.

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an illustration of a smiling heart flying on a paper plane

The Basis of a great Idea is

… a large paper bin. Ideas are a dime a dozen. But it's the unique and surprising ones that make us tingle in our fingertips.

Some of our crochet toys are interactive, others educational, they can glow in the dark, move, or play a tune that you won't find anywhere else – and all of them are meant to surprise you and to make you smile.

an illustration of a smiling pencil box with a brush, a pencil and a ruler inside

More is Less

There are only 3-4 lalylala designs a year. Instead of rushing, we focus on finding the perfect minimalistic design and write down mindful instructions to give you the best crochet experience.

Only if every stitch fits, the instructions pay attention to the smallest detail, and the pattern guides you safely around possible pitfalls, it is ready for release.

illustration of two hands with palms facing up with a heart floating above

DI(F)Y – Do it for Yourself

Procraftination* is key! Stepping back from daily urgencies and taking time to create something lovely with your own hands makes a handmade toy so precious.

The love and care you put into your project remains tangible in every stitch. That's why we do not sell already made amigurumi toys but encourage you start crocheting and to do it (for) yourself.

* Work on a craft project when you should be doing laundry, making dinner, or cleaning the house.

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Once upon a time in Lalylaland, everyone was impatiently waiting for summer. But summer never came and finally the inhabitants of Lalylaland were fed up with the eternal gray cold and constant rain. It was time for Plan Bee!
Hailey joined her grandmother's friends – seven women of different ages met here for their weekly tea party, all of them with a love for yarn and most of them even owners of craft shops or yarn manufactories.
Mortimer had to laugh out loud! The books on the desk not only showed that the company's finances were really bad, but also the reason and the success of his father's secret moth breeding were documented...
We don’t know for sure whether Mortimer's secret pet was responsible for his perforated clothes, or if it's just natural for boys this age to wear jeans and socks full of holes.
Mortimer Nocturne comes from a long dynasty of venerable vermin exterminators. His family tree goes far back to the famous Rat-Catcher of Hamelin.